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Product: Corporate Partners brochure

Client: Ross School of Business (University of Michigan)

Purpose: To inform current and prospective business associates of the broad range of opportunities that come with partnering, and to encourage sponsors to support programs, initiatives and scholarships that help advance business education.

Results: Well-received brochure that serves as the main informational piece for the School's corporate partnership program.

Involvement: Liz Cezat, owner, served as project manager, art director and editor. Design was produced collaboratively by an outstanding affiliated designer, while copy was written by a contracted writer with updates and editing done by Cezat Creative Resources, Inc.

Downloadable sample: Corporate Partners Brochure.PDF


Product: Engineering Annual Report

Client: University of Detroit Mercy

Purpose: To inform deans at Engineering colleges across the country of the high caliber program at UDM College of Engineering.

Results: It was well received in the Engineering community. Also was a good tool for recruitment and donor support.

Involvement: Liz Cezat wrote and edited the copy.

Downloadable sample: UDM-Engineer-report.pdf


Product: Philanthropy booklet

Client: St. John Health

Purpose: An overview of the year and how donor support helped fund various programs, equipment and facilities. It includes an extensive donor recognition list.

Results: Built a stronger relationship between the organization and donors, making donors feel appreciated and paving the way for future support.

Involvement: Owner Liz Cezat wrote most of the copy and edited some client-provided articles for the 2010 annual report. Liz also was project manager and art director; Julie was the graphic designer. Cezat Creative Resources adhered to corporate branding guidelines while creating a unique piece.

Downloadable sample: 2009 Report to donors.PDF

Downloadable sample: 2010 Report to donors.PDF


Product: Health insurance booklet

Client: Health Alliance Plan

Purpose: This spiral-bound booklet informed financial advisers of health insurance for seniors that could benefit their clients – both individuals and groups (business owners).

Results: Opened a new niche for selling insurance and helped make a new referral group receptive to talking about health insurance with their wealthy and upper middle-class clients.

Downloadable sample: Health Insurance Booklet.PDF


Product: Medical Minute, tri-fold newsletter

Client: Henry Ford Health System

Purpose: Semi-monthly newsletter to inform new patients of medical procedures and clinic services.

Accolades: Mentioned as one of top five ways patients heard about a service that they obtained for themselves or a family member.

Downloadable sample: Healthcare Newsletter.PDF



Product: Partners at Heart, 4-page newsletter

Client: Port Huron Hospital and Mercy Hospital, a joint venture for cardiac care

Purpose: Describe services of program, events and patient success stories to build loyalty for this service.

Results: Built awareness and educated patients about the program’s full spectrum of services; helped keep local residents loyal to this program rather than leaving town to get care from a metropolitan hospital.

Downloadable sample: Cardiac Care Newsletter.PDF



Product: Footnotes newsletter

Client: Canton Foot Specialists

Purpose: Describe services of clinic to encourage loyalty among patients and referrals among patients and physicians.

Results: Has increased patient appointments in the months following newsletter delivery

Downloadable sample: Podiatry Newsletter.PDF



Product: Newsletter

Client: Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan

Purpose: Written and designed by Cezat Creative Resources, the "Kids First" newsletter updates an older, two-color version. With its bright colors and lively graphics, the newsletter informs donors and corporate contributors about the organization's programs and results to engender greater support.

Results: This is the third year of the redesigned newsletter. The newsletters communicate the goals of the Clubs, which has helped increase awareness and prompted enhanced giving by individuals.

Downloadable sample: Winter-09-B&GC Newsletter.PDF

Downloadable sample: Summer-10-B&GC Newsletter.PDF



Product: 2008 & 2009 Annual Reports

Client: Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan

Purpose: To provide donor recognition and update the greater community on achievements and activities.

Results: Well received by donors, schools, government and commerce.
Involvement: Owner Liz Cezat wrote the copy, was art director and took many of the photos in the 2009 copy. Julie produced these colorful layouts. Jeanne took most of the photos in the 2008 report.

Downloadable sample: B-GC-2008-Report.pdf

Downloadable sample: B-GC-2009-Report.pdf



Product: Annual Report

Client: Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

Purpose: To share stories of seniors who reside at a PVM residence and contributed to society as members of "The Greatest Generation."

Results: Helped the organization celebrate a milestone anniversary and was a tribute to seniors. Told their story on a personal level to community leaders, donors and other supporters.

Involvement: Liz Cezat wrote the profiles of seniors and edited copy in the front section of the book.

Downloadable sample: PVM-Annreport-07.pdf


Product: Private practice brochure

Client: Comprehensive Healthcare Associates and Prevention Medicine, PC

Purpose: Describe services of physician who is an oncologist and hematologist.

Results: Nice companion piece to Dr. Amba Krishnan’s website; clear, easy-to-read and understand. Helped in her efforts to get new patients from referring physicians and others.

Downloadable sample: Medical Office Brochure.PDF



Product: Recruitment brochure

Client: Linda Gadde Executive Search

Purpose: Describe services of professional office and how personalized one-on-one recruitment efforts benefit the job seeker and the client firm.

Results: Increased awareness of the full spectrum of services that the firm offers; enhanced the owner’s professionalism among current and prospective clients.

Downloadable sample: Recruitment Brochure.PDF